Countercultural Pyromania

Against the liberal spirit

I: Introduction and intentions

Fascistic pyromaniacs’ delight! This is a project dedicated to the burning of leftist and/or degenerate books. The point of this scheme is not to, in the style of the Germans, wipe certain literature off the face of this planet so that no one could get their hands on these works. Rather, this is a symbolic revolt against the currently dominant liberal culture of the West and its allies.

I do not think we should set (all) books which espouse opinions we disagree with ablaze. To an extent, intellectual diversity is a good thing. However, by defending the works of political opponents which stand in the way of the greater good and which contain blatant falsehoods, logical fallacies, works which, frankly, just make no sense, we are defending debauched authors polluting the minds of our compatriots.

Before I can further explain what the point of this project is, I will go on a quick diatribe regarding liberal culture, its attributes and how to fight against it. The following sections will serve as a sort of chamber of reflection regarding the past few decades of societal (d)evolution.

II: What is the modern mainstream culture?

The mainstream culture of now is the iconoclastic ways of yore. Imagine the noble characteristics of yesteryear. Our men were as hard as steel, our women were caring and our children were innocent. These were the archetypical members of society, however, these ideals cannot and could not be realized without discipline. The common culture of the 21st century downplays and even dismisses the importance of discipline, instead subscribing to the false prophet of liberty.

Liberty leads to vapid hedonism leads to aimless lives leads to confusing lives leads to depression and anxiety. Liberty weighs men and societies down. Superfluous liberty is a hideous, heinous crime committed against our very humanity and dignity; it is the submission to strange sins and wants.

Due to all of this, to me, it feels like liberal culture is married to junkiness and grossness. It feels like a culture which is fine with humans reducing themselves to pleasure seeking machines.

The love of liberty is prevalent in Western society. Since cultures are the spirits of civilizations, our art, of course, preaches liberalism also. Progressivism is shilled in film, music and games alike and, in these mediums, propaganda is served on a tray. Thus, by going to the cinema, we are effectively paying to get indoctrinated. The songs and podcasts we absentmindedly listen to during strolls and car drives condition us to be more liberal. All of this happening seems great if you're a leftist, but it doesn't seem so great if you have any substantial amount of brain cells.

If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention. Revolt! Revolt against modernity! Hail tradition!

III: Battling liberal culture

It makes me glad that there are other anti-liberals in this crazy world. But our mere existence makes no difference.

Too often we look at the world through glass onions, only taking note of our missteps and seeing no way forward. While looking through rose-colored glasses isn't right either, we are far from defeated; there is still time to change the fate of the West. If we do not lose sight of our goals and put in the effort to fight progressivism, our nation(s) will make it. Our culture(s) will prevail if we will it so. But, alas, we tend to be too pessimistic and we give up too easily.

Let's overcome this negativity. We, the traditionalists and nationalists the globe over, must unite to form a counterculture. While there is a nascent nationalistic pop-culture, it is still infantile and it has yet to take off.

To promote the respect of tradition and to fend off decadence and progressivism, we must, first of all, create culture. Whatever your talents are, make art and media. Create music, paintings, videos, games, comics, books, et cetera, for these are the ammunition we are to use in the front lines of the culture war. Fighting in the culture war without creating media is not dissimilar from participating in a fist fight with no hands.

People, in general at least, are robotic and mirror what they see and like. Are the talking heads on the silver screen family people? Their viewers will begin to support family values. Are the blokes who create the music they listen to patriotic? Their listeners will begin to love their nation(s) more. This is how we win the culture war -- counter-indoctrination.

Simultaneously, we must reject the pre-existing liberal culture (which is at the same time done by creating an alternative culture), with the aim of this project being just that. We must stop consuming liberal media and we should even actively exhibit the fiery disgust (pun intended) which we feel towards it. We must protest degenerate media to show the establishment that we will not stand what the state of the arts is doing to our people groups.

IV: How does this project battle liberalism?

Again, this project is fighting liberalism by rejecting it. This project serves as a reminder to the liberal establishment that its knell is nigh and it serves as a reminder to nationalists that there are indeed other anti-liberals out there.

Words are like the wind. No matter how well-written or thought-out, articles like the one you are reading right now do not do all that much. While a spectacular speech or a masterful assault of words can be the spark which leads to the bonfire, by casting your vote in an urn, you might as well be placing it into a paper shreder. Change is achieved not at polling stations but on the streets. What this movement is trying to do is actual action.

This project will not do much, true. Still, I think it is a step in the right direction. Fighting the liberal culture is like swimming upstream, but it is the traditional man's duty to fight it anyway. Not to mention that, if the project turns out to be otherwise pointless, watching horrible books be devoured by flames is quite fun.

V: Final notes

In conclusion, the unpopular liberal values of the past are now dominant in our society. This has lead to society being amiss. We must overcome liberal culture and the decay which is a direct result of it. We can do this by a) creating an alternative culture to the pre-existing liberal one and by b) rejecting liberalism. The intention of this project is to fight against decadence by doing B and symbolically destroying degenerate and/or liberal works.

If anyone is interested, among others, the primary book that I've decided to burn is Shane Dawson's I Hate Myselfie -- a terrible memoir I received as a gift some years ago from someone who, ostensibly, despised me. While there is little ideological babble in this book, it is a manifestation of the liberal mind and lifestyle. It's vile and juvenile. It's unfunny when it's trying to be funny, it's absolutely hilarious when it wants to be taken seriously. It casually supports slutiness and other abnormal sexual behaviors. Not to mention that its writing style is horrible, though, that is not quite relevant.

I'll let the book itself do the talking. Here is the passage in which the author dedicates the book to someone: ""

Make your voice heard and actions taken note of: if you do end up participating, film the burning books and post the recording online. If you do not mind, send the videos to us and make sure to use the hashtag "BookBurning" when and if posting the video anywhere. However, do not buy a degenerate book just for the video! You'd be financially funding the mental pollution of society. Feel free to simply share this project if you have no books to destroy yourself.

If enough people are interested, we could have a gathering in real life and burn books together. It could be a nice social event and a good place to meet like-minded people.

Email me for any reason at all: